Cire Trudon

I am not a candle girl by any means. I'm bougie, but I'm not that bougie. I have no desire to drop a few hundred at Diptyque. I was gifted an Apotheke candle once by J.Crew because I spend an extraordinary amount of money with them, and customer spend means you get a shout out, so I will buy that candle again, but only when they're marked down to $14. I just don't see the point in paying so much for wax. 

However the holidays are fast approaching and I know people are trying to come up with cool gift ideas to take home so I thought I'd drop a brand I use that is decidedly French. French with a history French. 

The bust candles are so cute

Trudon claims to be the oldest candle maker, having been founded in 1643. They were the candle maker to the court of Versailles. Apparently Louis XVI used them until the day he died, and Napoleon used them too. So if you want to be extra you could take these home as gifts. 

Their busts and cameos are really cute. You can régale everyone with a bust of Napoleon (bonus points if your friend is English). What’s a more French gift than a French heritage brand in the shape of the world’s most famous French? 

I don't use their candles. Yes, I know... I had one once, and while I really don't see the point in dropping 85€ on a candle, gifts are different. I will spend lots of money on other people (one of my love languages is giving gifts). Candle people are really particular about wax and such, and I swear you can’t go wrong with these. They’re considered the best. 

While I think candles are a waste of money, I will however drop 160€ on their diffusers (which they also sell). I love a really good smelling home, and they are very strong. When you walk up to my front door you can smell it from the hallway. 

My home smells like Ernesto. I love manly leather and tobacco smells (it's a bit spicy and oud), so Ernesto is the scent for me. But I suggest you sniff them out for yourself. Just remember to smell the cloche and not the candle. You’ll probably get a very French look of displeasure if you sniff wrong. 

You can find them at Le Bon MarcheGalleries LafayetteBHV, and of course in Odeon and the Marais at their stand alone stores. 

I also suggest checking out their site to learn more about their [prestigious] history and techniques: