Quick Tip: Airport Transfer

Stock AirFrance Hertz photo

I don't take the RER, Uber, or G7 when I fly into Paris. 
I do take Uber when I fly out. But when I come home I always want to ensure someone is waiting for me at the exit, and I don't want the hassle of waiting in the taxi line. After 12 hours on a plane I'm dead to the world and I just want to shower and go to bed. 

I used to use a service (I can never remember their name), but they raised their price during the fuel shortage, and I'm not okay with paying 80€ when the Uber to CDG is only 30-40€ (I live in the 7th near the Seine so they usually enter the city through Champerret or Maillot, which is why it's cheaper). 

When I fly I use Delta or AirFranceI never pay attention to any of the extras they offer. Delta has a partnership with Lyft which is not at all helpful when flying in Europe. But AirFrance has a partnership with Hertz, and I never realized that Hertz doesn't just do car rentals, they do pickups/transfers. And their pickups are only 68€. 

Had I known they offered it, I would have gone to them all along. Car transfer services in Paris are always a mixed bag because there are so many independent companies. I think they're also sometimes hard to find because the word for it in English is so different from the French that when it gets translated it isn't easily searchable. When I was trying to switch the company I used to use, it took forever to find the correct one. 

Not to mention they always want cash (espèces). I was looking for one that would accept credit card because it is annoying to make a stop on Bosquet to go to the ATM. Almost none of them did except for one I found on Viator but they only did transfer to CDG, not from. Besides that little inconvenience some companies were charging 120€ which is insane. If anyone is charging you more than 70€, they're poking your eyes out (G7's flat rate fee is 45€ and mandated by the government so if they ever try to force you to pay extra let them know you know the law). 

I'd much rather have an AirFrance or a Hertz to complain to if something goes sideways. Not to mention you can prepay by credit card. 

Here is the link: https://airfrance.hertzdriveu.com/en-us/?utm_source=af&utm_medium=website